VR Science Fair is Online!

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Our VR Science Fair is finally ONLINE! Due to our COVID-19 response, we’ve had to change our Science Fair plans this year, moving it online for the first time. A big thank you to Artsteps for making this possible. Our students worked hard throughout Project Week to produce these handmade products, facilitated by our teaching team. We hope you enjoy your visit to our exhibitions!



  • Artsteps, the online platform hosting our Science Fair, recommends using Google Chrome’s latest version for the best viewing experience.
  • Be sure to allow cookies in order to load Artsteps properly.
  • After clicking one of the links below, if the page gets stuck loading, try refreshing your browser if you’ve been waiting over a minute without any changes.
  • If your browser has adblock or other third-party applications enabled, try turning them off if the pages still aren’t loading properly.
  • For some projects, it may not be clear that an audio file is attached. Be sure to click on individual student work to check for accompanying audio.
  • While an audio file is loading, the time display sometimes shows “0:00” until the file is fully loaded (usually ~5 seconds). Once it is done loading, the time display will show the correct time and the file can be played.
  • A few parents have mentioned that Chrome wouldn’t work for them, but that Safari did. Please try using Safari or another browser if Chrome doesn’t work.
  • Be sure to check out the projects of students in all of our grades!

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