Mediterranean Cup Bronze Cup Winners!

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Our students had the privilege of representing our school in the Mediterranean Cup in Verona, Italy, and they did so with aplomb. Not only did they manage to earn a third place trophy, they also impressed the other teams and head organizers with their positive and courteous demeanor. Perhaps the email sent by one of the representatives said it best:

Thank you very much for bringing your team such a long way to compete in our recent tournament.

Your school deserves our warmest compliments for the attitude and enthusiasm of your coaches and for the fantastic spirit of sportsmanship and fair play demonstrated by your players.

Your team was a joy to watch.
They lit up our tournament with their fantastic spirit and their friendly, sporting attitude.
Though younger on the average, they battled away and earned some important victories, both personal and for the team.
Congratulations to Kaito for his well-deserved Best Player trophy!

The referees and hotel management also asked me to say how impressed they were by the overall standard of behaviour.

We look forward to seeing you all again!

Our students did a wonderful job of casting a positive light on our school and on Japan. Because of their success, we look forward to participating in this wonderful event in the years to come! A huge thank you to Phill Boaretto, Toshi Okada, Pat Wada, and Christopher Paxton for their outstanding support! Go KAIS EMS!

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