Last Week of Term 1 (Dec. 11-15)

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Next week will be memorable, exciting, hectic, meaningful, crazy, and a lot of other adjectives! Yes, it’s the last week of Term 1, and we have a lot to do! We will be working on projects, finishing up assignments, tidying up the school, cleaning out lockers, preparing for the assembly, and doing a bunch of other things to wrap up Term 1 and prepare for Term 2. See below for what students can expect each day.

Monday & Tuesday

  • Regular AM classes
  • Project Time/Special Activities

**Cinema Club Cancelled**


  • Spelling Bee Final
  • Regular Classes (Last day of electives!)


  • Term 2 Elective Selections
  • Project Time/Special Activities

 **Soccer Practice (G4-8) as Scheduled**


  • Student Survey
  • Rehearsal for Assembly
  • Movie
  • Setup for Assembly

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